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What's Coming?

Our plans range from tomorrow to the next ten years and we hope that you will be part of our journey along the way.  Here are some of the projects we are currently developing:

Experiential Workshops - Offering workshops on advanced life skills for couples, families, corporations and individuals who want more tools in order to experience:




Working through chaos

Working through stress & anxiety

Deeper connection to life, self and others

Youth Equine Programs - Continued development of programs that connect our youth and equines in a safe, kind and supporting environment.  We believe that the power and wisdom of nature is deeply experienced when children, animals and the power of nature is combined.  These programs will include:

Horsemanship Clinics

Farm Experience Opportunities

Equine Assisted Learning

Coaching Life Skills

Pro-D Days

Farm Day Camps

Indoor Adventure Playground - Yep, you heard that right!  We are currently planning and exploring all options for a massive indoor playground that we can assemble and disassemble in our arena...  Imagine 10,500 square feet of:

Climbing Walls

Rope Nets

Bouncy Castles

Oversized Board Games

Balance Beams


Zip Line

Rope Ladders

Ride On and Digging Toys

Family Petting Zoo - What's a farm without critters?  We've decided we want our own children to experience the raising and caring for animals of all kinds, and we think yours should have that opportunity as well.  We're planning and building pens for:

Mini Horses






And whatever else that either:

Needs a good loving home and is friendly enough for a child to pet

or the husband lets me get away with bringing home!

Subterranean Greenhouse - We are fascinated and learning quickly about self-sustainable living and have become intrigued with the idea of a subterranean greenhouse.  We are exploring many ideas including:

Worm Farming


Solar and Water Heating

Near Year Round Growing Season

If you are intrigued please contact us with your ideas, warnings and suggestions!

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