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What We Offer


Farm Tours

You can bring your entire family to explore our farm and get a hands-on tour.  Adults and children are invited to interact directly with our animals on a safe, supervised visit.  We do not permit hand feeding, so the animals are not trying to get anything more from our visitors than a pet and scratch!   Lead line lessons (pony rides) are also available on your visit. 


Text 250-793-5055 to find a time that works for you!   

$5 per person  $20 minimum


Horse Boarding (Spaces Open)

There are a few limited spots in our paddocks and pasture available.   Boarders enjoy full benefits of our arena, hundreds of miles of trails to explore, and a safe, caring environment for their horses to enjoy.  We have high expectations of respect, kindness and honesty around our place, so if that sounds like you, please call and see if we can be part of your equine experience.  

Training of Foals

Clinics & Workshops

Clinicians and coaches are welcome to operate out of our facility as long as we can provide your needs.  We have a meeting room / kitchen attached to the arena, holding stalls and turn out runs available for short term rentals.  There is a paved road right to our door and we are less than five minutes from town - all important when considering convenience and marketing to your clients.

Meals available upon request - coffee, tea, pastries included for your clients

$200 / 4 hours    $350 / 8 hours   $500 / full weekend


Lessons & Coaches

Wyld Acres has several coaches operating out of our facility and they are often taking new clients.  We focus on safety, respect and common sense when it comes to teaching horsemanship and riding to our students.  With 18 horses on the grounds, we have the right ride for everyone from nervous beginners to those who are ready to really build skill and knowledge.  Our team of instructors follow the Equestrian Canada Levels for English and Western riding.  


Equine Assisted Learning - Building Excellence

Equine Assisted Learning is a powerful program that we offer to people of all ages, sports teams, corporations, and families.  It's a series of psychological challenges that are designed to create instinctual tools to improve communication, teamwork, leadership, focus, empathy and awareness.  Sessions may be offered to specifically address your goals, and can be either a one time experience or a 12 week building block of excellence.

All exercises are done on the ground with a horse team member - no riding and no previous experience required.

Groups of 2 - 20


Equine Connection - Interpersonal Coaching

If you are struggling with life's challenges, or simply want to improve your skill with relationship, communication, anxiety, setting boundaries or moving through trauma, we offer private or family sessions designed especially for your outcome goals.  

Please reach out to Sonya for more information at or text or call 250-793-5055

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